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Cure Cancer @ UCL is funding research into Non Hodgkin's (Lymphoma). It is the brain child of Sandra Hamilton who is supported by its Patrons: Professor Anthony Goldstone, CBE of UCHL; Lady Carla Findlay-Dons; Mr Andres Virchis, Head of the Cancer Unit at Barnet General; David King; Rachel Stevens and a large, enthusiastic committee of diverse ages and experience.

Events and Fund Raising

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About UCL

The UCL aims to fund research to develop new therapeutics for the treatment of Non Hodgkin's (Lymphoma). This will be achieved by analysing a class of genes called micro-RNAs in fresh biopsy samples from patients with newly diagnosed lymphoma. These genes are amenable to targeting by a class of drug-like molecules called anti-miRs. By identifying micro-RNAs that are aberrantly active in lymphoma, new anti-miRs will be designed and their activity tested in animal models of lymphoma. Those which show promise will be considered for clinical trials.

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Cure Cancer @UCL
Registered office:
Lees Chartered Accountants, The Granary, Brewer Street, Bletchingley, Redhill RH1 4QP
Registered Charity Number: 1141310

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