UCL-thank-you-letter---12A note from UCL Cancer Institute

Professor Tariq Enver heads the Stem Cell research group at the. A power outage mode in the app provides a single button to turn ikeymonitor android on all of the bulbs or controls for individual bulbs, along with brightness controls and battery percentage indicators! The groups research focuses on the biology of lymphoproliferative disorders in children; specifically B cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia/lymphoma. Children die from lymphoma because tiny numbers of cancer cells evade chemotherapy and grow back. Prof Enver and his team have developed sophisticated techniques for identifying such treatment resistant cells, isolating them and studying how they work. The aim is to develop safer and more effective therapies for all Non-Hodgkin Lymphomas. CureCancer@UCL has been a generous donor to the group over the last 2 years. In conjunction with CR-UK, CureCancer@UCL funded the purchase of a BD FACSAria III cell sorter. This state of the art machine allows researchers to identify and purify individual cancer cells from patients, specifically enabling the isolation of those resistant to conventional treatment. CureCancer @UCL has also purchased an ABI 7500Fast Real-Time PCR machine, which the scientists use understand the genetic profiles of treatment resistant cells. In April 2013, CureCancer bought a EVOS 3 colour fluorescence microscope which allows cancer cells that have been labeled with fluorescent markers to be studied in real-time. The purchase of these three major pieces of equipment has already helped the research effort enormously. During the last year a new technology called mass cytometry has been developed. It allows scientists to analyze individual cells in even greater detail and has particular advantages for rapid screening of new drugs. Mass cytometers could revolutionize all areas of cancer research and CureCancer@UCL is a part of the funding consortium that will purchase one for the UCL Cancer Institute.

Sandra wins Community Hero Award 2011

Sandra Hamilton, Chair of Cure Cancer @ UCL on 20th November 2011 was honoured as the Jewish News-Mitzvah Day Community Hero for her work in raising funds for cancer research while battling the disease herself. Sandra Hamilton, who was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma was selected by a panel of judges from a shortlist of eight inspiring individuals who have each made a difference in the community and beyond.

First Pieces of the Equipment Wishlist purchased for the UCL research team

Cure Cancer @ UCL are pleased to announce that the first purchases for UCL have been made and will be delivered early in the new year, this include items to facilitate the storage of archived material, centrifuges and a Real Time PCR machine. Please watch this space for photos of all the new pieces in their new home. Next step is to raise £350,000 for the Cell Sorter. Click here to see the.