“I have Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (NHL) a terminal cancer. Cancer is a fight for life!

Cancer affects the family in many ways, from the un-gluing of a family unit unable to cope with the reality around them, to a financial burden with the patient and carer often having to forfeit work and the families source of income. For me one of the greatest difficulties is to watch the despair on my families faces as they try to hide their feelings. Our life in its current existence is put on hold whilst we fight for survival as we have only two choices: Succumb to the illness or fight, as we must survive. Getting NHL was not the only motivation for me to start Cure Cancer @ UCL, unfortunately history was repeating itself as my father had passed away from NHL, within 17 months of his diagnosis, only a few years early. These motivators drove me to look to find a way to stop others from suffering the same fate. I hope that even though I had NHL follicular lymphoma that I could make a difference. Cure Cancer @ UCL’s aim is to purchase the best and latest medical research equipment that money can buy and ensure it gets into the hands of the top cancer research scientists in this country. The research team at the UCL Cancer Institute are then able to study cancer and tailor make specific treatments to be more targeted and effective so as to stop so many patients like myself from having multiple treatments that wears down the body without completely eradicating the cancer. With research we can give hope and quality of life as we ultimately look for the permanent cure. ”

Cancer tears apart millions of families every year. Non- Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (NHL) is a silent but deadly group of cancers of the blood and lymphatic system. In adults they comprise the 5th commonest type of cancer – an estimated 15,000 people will be diagnosed this year in the UK, leading to over 6000 deaths annually. No age group is spared – in children lymphomas represent the 3rd commonest type of cancer. Treatment often involves painful courses of chemotherapy and in some cases bone marrow transplantation. Despite this, there has been relatively little research so far into either the causes of or new treatments for NHLs. But now there is a glimmer of hope!

UCL – a renowned hospital at one of the world’s top universities – has set up a research team who plan ground-breaking work in the search for new, more effective cures. Many lives are tortured or lost by this disease every year, but it need not be this way!

With your support this suffering can end.

With your help we can stop the pain.

With your help we can save lives!

My name is Sandra Hamilton and I have this disease. It took three, long, painful, anxious YEARS to even get a diagnosis! Shocking, considering this is one of the most common types of cancer. Having finally been diagnosed, my world crashed down. There was nothing they could offer me; not even any proper insight. However, I have not accepted my fate and given up on life. I am fighting to survive and to help others live too. I love my life, my children, my husband, my world, and I want to stay here just like all the other sufferers I have met along the way. This cancer needs research. It needs funding. It needs a cure. With the help of family, friends, and UCL, I have set up this charity to offer a future for the thousands of people going through the same pain. This cancer is becoming more common, affecting people of all ages, cultures and sexes. I am determined to defeat this disease as well as to help others. I’ll have to think about running coda 2 in this mode. The charity board and I are planning a launch event in October, as well as several other fundraising events. Till then we are desperately seeking sponsors and donations to get this research rolling.

With your help and support we can stop the pain, save lives and find a cure. With your help we can.

So please, help us. All donations are welcome.

Thank you in advance. Your time and support is greatly appreciated.

Robert Senatore – My experience with being diagnosed with Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (B Cell):

robert-picI was diagnosed with NHL in January 2001 shortly before my 16th birthday. After months of visiting my local GP without any progress I ended up seeing a nose, ear and throat specialist at a private hospital in Chelmsford. After a biopsy on the tumour that had appeared on the right side of my neck I was diagnosed with NHL. I spent the next eight months having Chemotherapy in a Teenage Cancer Trust unit at the Middlesex Hospital in London before being giving the all clear. I was lucky enough to return to school at the end of September 2001 to start Sixth Form College with all my friends from my year. Throughout my treatment all I wanted was to get back to my normal way of life and with the support of my family and friends was able to quickly settle back into the life I had before being diagnosed with NHL. Being diagnosed with NHL effected everybody in life. I am extremely thankful for all the NHS and UCL have done for me in my fight against this disease and also extremely grateful to be treated on a TCT ward which not only provided the support I needed for fighting cancer at this age, but also my family as well. At the beginning of 2011 I discovered a similar lump on the left side of my neck which has been diagnosed as a Burkitt’s lymphoma. I am currently undergoing further chemotherapy at UCL ambutory care unit and hoping to have finished my treatment by the end of August. Once back to full health I plan to do some travelling around the world with friends.

Carole is the co-founder and Vice Chairman for Cure Cancer @ UCL.

carol-picRenowned as one of London’s leading Caterers and Event specialist, Carole was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2004. Years of friendship between Carole and Sandra, along with a shared journey of Cancer, was what inspired both ladies, to create Cure Cancer @ UCL. With two very different stories to tell, but tied together by one common illness, it was through their love of life, that gave them, both, the strength to not only, take the journeys they have, but create a charity that gives others, hope!

During the time of Carole’s illness she remained focused on work, never missing a single event. It’s that determination and inner strength that enabled her to beat cancer and have a successful business. Since her diagnosis, Carole contribution to Charity work, holds high importance. In November 2008 she organised a fundraising dinner for Cancerbackup/Mcmillan with Lemar and Harry Connick Junior. Over the years Carole has gained extensive knowledge into food and nutrition, learnt to manage a increasingly successful business, make time for family and friends, take an active role in Charity work, and go through her own personal Cancer story. With all this combined, Carole represents a world of Hope, Health and Vitality. She is a true representation of what it is, to really survive.

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