Sandra’s NHL got to a point where she needed more extensive treatment and in January 2015 she started a 6 month journey to undergo high dose chemotherapy with Rituximab and stem cell therapy in the HCA facility at University College London Hospital. Thankfully due to the machinery you and the other supporters of Cure Cancer have helped install at the UCL Cancer Institute, Sandra is able to have much more targeted and specific treatment! She is still being her normal fabulous self and an absolute trooper soldiering through with a smile on her face despite it all. She sends everyone her best wishes and thanks to everyone for all they have done to support her and the charity. Always thinking of others and how she can assist the charity, she looked to see if something positive can be gained from her experience and make the process worthwhile. She decided that the best way to do this was to have her treatment documented. This is to highlight the realities of this cancer treatment and it’s effects for future patients and their families so that they can gain a better understanding of what to expect. The documentary will highlight the basic and clinical research that goes on at both UCL and UCLH and will provide a useful public information resource. In our desires to complete this documentary Sassy films have come on board to film my journey. I and the charity as a whole wish to thank Sassy Films for all their assistance and support.  For more information on Sassy Films please see their website: